Cam’ron Talks About Selling Drugs in Columbus, Ohio on New Song

Cam’ron is back with “Murder Game”. I am mainly posting this because Cam’ron talks about making “3, 000,000 alone on the Ohio State Campus”. He also said his indictments are up so he can talk about it.

Let’s think about this for a second. If you lived in Columbus during like 2001-06 and did drugs Cam’ron is implying that he may be the source of your drugs.

Ask yourself: who did i buy drugs from during that time period? Where do you think they got their drugs from. It’s a funny idea to think the coke you and your buddies sniffed were Dipset branded.

This is another reason I don’t sniff coke. Do you want your favorite rappers looking at you like a geeker?

I’m mainly talking to civilians who listened to Dipset and did drugs but weren’t active in Columbus Hip Hop when I pose this question.

Also, unrelated Rihianna opened up for Dipset at the LC in 2005 in Columbus.