Black Keys Pinch-Hits For West Akron Baseball League


MTV.Com has the story on Ohio boys continuing to make good.  You remember when the Black Keys sponsored a West Akron Baseball team last year?

This year the Keys take it step further, and are donating the profits from a Black Keys W.A.B.L. jersey designed by the Keys art director Michael Carney to their childhood baseball league.

You can order the shirt here.



TBT: Devo / Chrissie Hynde/ The Black Keys – Obama/Biden Rally 10/07/08

Bob Casale of Devo died at the age of 61 last Monday.
It made me feel grateful of the time Dkline, Todd and I drove up from Columbus to Akron see Devo, Chrissie Hynde, and The Black Keys play an Obama/Biden Rally at the Civic Theater.
It was pretty amazing evening. If you are familiar with TBK sense of humor than you can see the Devo in them. So it was cool in itself that the Keys opened for Devo.

Devo was amazing. They played all the hits, and also interwined commentary about how Devoution was real. Devo basically was saying Obama/Biden would be method to combat how bad things had gotten during the Bush Regime.

You can watch the above video and see some of what Devo had to say. Obama wasn’t there. But it was still a pretty special evening. Seeing that Mr. Casale died last Monday, and Alan Meyers died in 2013; I feel pretty fortunate that I got to see the Ohio legends.

After the jump you can look at an instagram picture Patrick Carney posted of an autograph Bob Casale gave him after the show and also the end jam session with Devo, Chrissie Hynde and the Black Keys.

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TBT: The Black Keys/ Blueprint/The Cuts Columbus, Ohio October, 8th 2004

TBT: The Black Keys/ Blueprint/The Cuts Columbus, Ohio October, 8th 2004

Last weekend, DJ Pos 2 and I were talking about Columbus Hip Hop’s ascension from being this really outsider, underdocumented underground Culture at Bernies to a really dominant and vibrant force in Columbus music.

One of the important factors was Blueprint opening for the Black Keys at the Newport Music Hall’s date for “the Rubber Factory” tour.

I’ve probably said this somewhere on the internet before, but the Black Keys art director Michael Carney went to CCAD and him and I are friends.

Mike came down to the 3rd Annual Bustown Reunion which was September 10-12, 2004 .
Bustown Reunion was this Hip Hop festival We (When I worked for Weightless) and the Fonosluts would organize every year to highlight Columbus Hip Hop and Graffiti culture.

Blueprint, and Greenhouse were headlining the Saturday Bustown Reunion show at High Five that also had lllogic & Przm and CJ the Cynic on it. There was a Jim Jones show that night at The Obvious that Sara Evers, Shawn K, and Martin went to or were going to. I only say that because I remember them showing up and talking about it and then Mike showed up a little later so the night was already amusing because random people were coming through casually. Sara is an activist, anarchist type so her telling me about going to see Jim Jones cracked me up.
So then Mike comes in holding a skateboard and I told the doorman to not charge him.

Mike kicked it for a bit and asked me if Blueprint was my dude and we talked about Weightless a bit. Mike was impressed by Print’s performance. And then he said, “I’m gonna call Pat, and get Blueprint on the Newport Show.”  Basically everytime the Keys would come to town, Mike would get the Keys to put a local band on the bill that he was friends with. It was his way of looking out for Columbus underground acts that he thought deserved some light.

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Throwback Thursday: Andyman Davis’ Support Of Columbus Hip Hop Music

Throwback Thursday: Andyman Davis

(found on Flickr)

Today marks the 3- Year Anniversary of Columbus, Ohio independent rock station’s longtime program director  WWCD’s  102.5 Andyman Davis’ tragic and unexpected death.

I am not gonna front and act like I was best friends with Andyman Davis. But I can say that WWCD has been present in my life since it first hit Columbus airwaves.So when I read about Andyman trying to get on in 1992, and then becoming program director in 98 of the same station that startled me when they played Dead Kennedys in 1990 back when it was CD101.1; I can say Andyman was about music and people.

WWCD had the presence that is expected for the radio. That isn’t to say it was stale. I am saying it was an institution that played Radiohead, and the Strokes and let you know about concerts. Andyman was the focal point, as this likable guy that would stay up every Christmas for 48 hours to raise money for children. He was locally famos, and had the right personality to be considered a personality. He wasn’t a hipster but Andy championed  alternative music for the average joe.

Now, I know that Andy was heavily involved with supporting local music, but because I primarily listened to rap. It wasn’t tangible for me like it would be for say a fan of local indie rock group Watershed  until 2003. This is when I became friends with Tom Butler  after Mahssa Taghinia introduced us.  Tom is a WWCD on-air personalty who is best known as the host and producer of the Independent Playground , a specialty show that plays underground music.


(Tom Butler is the guy in the CD101.1 shirt. Andyman’s face is just above the typing. I stole this from Tom’s Facebook.)

After meeting Tom Butler, I quickly found out that Andy liked rap and was super open into supporting anything he thought was quality and relevant regardless of genre.
Tom would speak about Andy and station’s philosophy that Andyman took pride in championing Columbus, and helping the community. Andy gaveTom creative control over his Independent Playground specialty program. So Tom was able to add local rap as soon as he would hear things he liked on The Independent Playground. It was awesome to be able to play Tom Hip Hop and then hear it the next Tuesday or Thursday night when Tom’s show was on.

Andy believed in WWCD having a relationship that benefited the community.


Obviously, the best example of this is WWCD’s For the Kids Programs where they would raise money for local charities that service children. And the cornerstone of this philanthropist effort is the afformentioned the Andy-Man-A-Thon. But I am gonna give my little Hip Hop story.

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Video: Hanni El Khatib – “Family” (Uncensored Version) NSFW

Hanni El Khatib released The Dan Auerbach produced album Head in the Dirt yesterday. Above is a uncut video for the song Family off  “Head In the Dirt’.

Hanni is about to hit the road with the Black Angels tomorrow. Dates after the jump.

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Michael Carney Participates in Time Magazines’ Album Cover Panel

TIME Magazine Logo

Time Magazine had Akron Native and Black Keys Art Director Michael Carney  participate on a panel that discussed album covers of some big upcoming releases like Justin Timberlake’s “20/20”, and Tyler, The Creator’s “Wolf”.

Clink on the link to see what Michael said.

Michael Carney Participates in Time Magazines’ Album Cover Panel

Mike Carney Designs Trippy Decks for Girl Skateboards

Mike Carney Designs Trippy Boards for Girl Skateboards

CCAD Grad, and Akron native Michael Carney designed the Acid Trip series for Girl Skateboards. Carney is also the art director for the Black Keys.

You can buy one of these skateboards at Embassy Boardshop if you live in Columbus.