Video: Skeletonwitch – “Serpents Unleashed”


This Skelatonwitch song “Serpents Unleashed” off the Athens Ohio band’s new album of the same title that dropped today on Prosthetic Records is pretty brutal. I saw them at the Legion of Doom years ago but missed them opening up for Ghost B.C. a few weeks ago.


Watch “Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane Get Wilbert Cooper Too Turnt Up! – Noisey Raps (Episode 3)” on YouTube

In the above video you get to watch Waka and Gucci pay Vice’s Wilbert Cooper 2 grand to drink a whole bottle of Hennessy. Obviously this is before their current beef.
In between these antics we get to watch Waka & Gucci rock a sold out venue in NY proper-like.

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How Do Purity Ring’s Light Cocoons Work?

Purity Ring is playing Oberlin, Ohio on 4/5/13.

I saw Purity Ring a few months ago at Ace Of Cups here in Columbus. The live show was on of the best I have ever seen from an electronic group. They had these light cocoons that responded when different percussion items were struck which created quite the whimsical environment for the dream-pop duo.

The Creators Project caught up with Purity Ring and talked them about the cocoons in the below video:

You want to make something like this for your bedroom to enhance your sex life?

The Creators Project talked to the scientists at Tangible interactions who explain how this works.

Now if only someone could explain to me how magnets work.

Asap Rocky & Danny Brown to Appear on Kathy Griffin Tonight

if you recall, Kathy Griffin invited Asap Rocky and Danny Brown onto her show on Bravo awhile back after Brown said the following on Noisey:

Well, Asap Rocky and Danny Brown, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, will appear on the Kathy Griffin Show tonight at 10 pm and 1:30am and tomorrow at 6am and 3am and Sunday at 6am.

Kitty Pryde will live blog it.