Cam’ron “I Used to Get it In Ohio” Party @ Long Street live Columbus, Ohio Show Review

Cam’ron spent a lot of quality time in Columbus. So it was exciting that the Dipset leader was doing his first show in Columbus in almost 4 years.


I went to the Illogic & Blockhead @ Carabar release party prior to heading over the Long Street. Once I got inside, a chubby woman that was dressed in some weird suspenders stopped me and asked me for 2 dollars.
She, then, told me she was Cam’ron’s sister. When I asked the lady where she was from, she said Brooklyn. I walked away because I did not want to give her money and did not believe her. I went into the main room over at Long Street and thought about things for a second. I recalled seeing Cam’ron at Promowest in 2005  as the Headliner for the Power 107.5’s Summer Jam.  A lot has a happened since then.  As I looked around the club which is a lot smaller than Promowest; it occurred to me that Cam’Ron is essentially Kool Keith for the Bloods and Ballers at this point in his career..

I was dancing to some Gucci Mane or something and started checking out this lady that turned out to be a tranny. This man tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘do not look at that’.  That was the moment I realized it was man who did not even look like an attractive woman in a dress. I figured I should try to figure out if the other lady was Cam’ron’s sister. I walked up and asked. The woman that Cam’ron’s alleged sister was talking to said, “Doesn’t she look like Cam’ron’s sister.” She did not.  Both ladies began to give me attitude which made me believe the woman could possibly be Cam’ron’s sister despite the lack of resemblance.

 Cam’ron came out with an entourage. The woman who claimed to be Cam’ron’s sister tried to climb on stage . Cam’ron and his goons pushed her back into the crowd with their feet as Killa performed “Killa Cam”. I am assuming Cam’ron would not kick his sister so therefore this woman was not his sister. Cam proceeded to murder hit after hit.


Cam rocked  joint after joint like “Certified Gangstas”, “Gangsta Music”, “Bout It”, “Hey Ma”, “Oh, Boy”  and of course “I Used To Get in Ohio”. Cam dedicated “I Used To Get It” to everyone in Columbus, and said he was happy to back.


Rapwise, Cam was technically good. He rapped with clarity and breath control. There was not rapping over the vocal bullshit on this one.

Cam did more joints, and said he was gonna dedicate the last song to all the ladies. Cam, then, performed. “Suck it or Not”.



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Cam’ron Talks About Selling Drugs in Columbus, Ohio on New Song

Cam’ron is back with “Murder Game”. I am mainly posting this because Cam’ron talks about making “3, 000,000 alone on the Ohio State Campus”. He also said his indictments are up so he can talk about it.

Let’s think about this for a second. If you lived in Columbus during like 2001-06 and did drugs Cam’ron is implying that he may be the source of your drugs.

Ask yourself: who did i buy drugs from during that time period? Where do you think they got their drugs from. It’s a funny idea to think the coke you and your buddies sniffed were Dipset branded.

This is another reason I don’t sniff coke. Do you want your favorite rappers looking at you like a geeker?

I’m mainly talking to civilians who listened to Dipset and did drugs but weren’t active in Columbus Hip Hop when I pose this question.

Also, unrelated Rihianna opened up for Dipset at the LC in 2005 in Columbus.