Listen: Wu-Tang Clan – “Family Reunion”


Who is that? On their 20th Year, the Wu is back…

The Wu-Tang Clan is recording a brand new album to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. Below is “Family Reunion”  which sets everything up lovely. Yes, the Wu is in the studio doing a new album!!!!


From RZA: “May the Wu reunion inspire family reunions throughout the world.”

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5/25/13 is the 5-Year Anniversary of Camu Tao’s Death

R.I.P. Camu Tao

(pic taken from stammy Ascend’s Facebook)

Today marks the 5 year-Anniversary of Columbus-bred rapper/producer Camu Tao’s death from Cancer. Here is an article I wrote about Camu in the Other Paper a few years ago.

Below is a collection of memories friends of Camu have been posting on Facebook.

Jason Thomas: (friend of Camu Tao)

So Camu was like, “We got a show at Irving Plaza, you gotta come out!” I expressed to him that I wanted to, but I did have the money. Of course, he didn’t take no for an answer and told me that if I just get out there, he would pay for my bus ticket home. So I decided to go. The show was ill!! Met and Mu killed it and I had a great weekend. Now, it’s time to go home and guess who was no where to be found? This guy Camu went missing in action for two weeks!!! Luckily my dudes Drew Wolf and Sergio Spitaleri held me down for the duration. All I did was walk around for two weeks straight up and down every corner of New York City. I saw and experienced so much that would have never happened if I hadn’t got stuck. I went to a taping of The Tony Danza show! HAHA! When Camu finally surfaced, I couldn’t even be mad at him. He’d hit you with that grin and it was all over. Dude was just so damn lovable, that even when you were pissed at him, you could stay mad for even a second! I love him, I miss him, I wish we could sit on my couch and watch old video’s all weekend like we used to, but I’m know he’ll be sitting right there with me! RIP my brother!!!


Keef “Metro” Lawson (friend and the other half of S.A. Smash with Camu)

My other big brother
He used to say to me. I remember how he used to have my back completely and felt some type of way if I felt type of way. We used to make regular trips to columbus and back to NY on the dirty greyhound,soon as we saw those buildings or that familiar feel of home he’d look at me and say “Mortimer,we’re back!” -there will never be another miss you Mu we all do

Rob Byard (friend of Camu)

Camu came back from NY mad bummed at first. I saw him at oldfields one night and hit em off with a ganj treat. One led to two. Two led to three. Before I knew it we where eatin em for three days on Beans’ couch laughin and straight clownin. Dudes laugh could never be duplicated. One of a kind fam. Miss you and grateful to call you friend/ brother/ god father to my child. Always in my heart fam

Bru Lei posted this video of Camu Tao rapping at Bernies

Also peep the excerpt from James Anthony Tropeano III‘s book Gutterfish

Recap : U.V. Race @ Ace of Cups Columbus, Ohio 5/15


Australian post-punk band the U.V. Race played Ace of Cups last Wednesday. I am not going to front like I know their catalog from front to back or have a collection the band’s  frontman’s  Marcus Rechsteiner (pictured abovebelly button lint.But I have peeped the trailer to the band’s foreign movie Autonomy & Deliberation and listened to their last album Racism.  Before UV Race came on there was a discussion going on about Kevin from Pink Reason talking about killing cops, and in general promoting anti-social and anti-government thought during his bands set. I listen to rap music so I believe that the only way to make good art and understand the complex aspects of the world is to wish to join the CIA and sell cocaine so I am undecided about my opinion on anti-social behavior that does not turn a profit.  This is not true but it got us this far.


The UV Race came on next. I posted the picture above with Marcus wearing his shirt because the easiest narrative to describe how fun the show was is to talk about how a bigger dude came onstage and got the crowd hype while disrobing periodically until he was down to some gray briefstyle undergarments.
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“Sweatin’ Is Dead” Throw Back Thursday

Tonight a Columbus institution ends. Sweatin’ Dance Party will cease to exist after a blow-out at Axis tonight. I went back to the scrap-book and found an Alive article I wrote after the first Sweatin’. This was published June 21st, 2007.

sweat mix 1

sweat pic

kid's crazy





( When the first Sweatin’ happened The Summit was a bear bar called Jack’s. It was not a music venue so the location was confused in print.)

OSU Hip Hop Literacies Conference’s Dr. E. Wrote a Memoir “From PHD to Ph.D” !

OSU Hip Hop Literacies Conference Dr. E. Wrote a Book!

Dr. Elaine Richardson, aka Dr. E. is a Professor of Literacy Studies in the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. Dr. E is the driving force behind the OSU Hip Hop Litercies Conference. The premise of her memoir PHD to Ph.D is how education turned her life around.

I will keep it 100 percent honest. I have met and written about Dr. E. Like I said: Dr. Elaine Richardson is an accomplished and revered academic. So Before I read this excerpt; I had no idea that she had been in such a bad place.

Please visit for more info.

Listen: The Human Ones – “KUWAHARA”

The Human Ones are from Albuquerque New Mexico. I don’t know a damn thing about New Mexico or what a Kuwahara is but from googling I have figured out that it’s BMX bike and not an alien lizard that eats people’s pets even though it sounds like it could such a thing. So for whatever reason the Human Ones have decided to mention a term for a type of BMX bike with Branch Davidians which I will say is a fool proof way of making a hook.
The Human Ones’ bio says they are a brand as well as a group consististing of emcee CS Rucker and producer 1994. The above “Loyalty” snap back is a product of that brand.

Cam’ron “I Used to Get it In Ohio” Party @ Long Street live Columbus, Ohio Show Review

Cam’ron spent a lot of quality time in Columbus. So it was exciting that the Dipset leader was doing his first show in Columbus in almost 4 years.


I went to the Illogic & Blockhead @ Carabar release party prior to heading over the Long Street. Once I got inside, a chubby woman that was dressed in some weird suspenders stopped me and asked me for 2 dollars.
She, then, told me she was Cam’ron’s sister. When I asked the lady where she was from, she said Brooklyn. I walked away because I did not want to give her money and did not believe her. I went into the main room over at Long Street and thought about things for a second. I recalled seeing Cam’ron at Promowest in 2005  as the Headliner for the Power 107.5’s Summer Jam.  A lot has a happened since then.  As I looked around the club which is a lot smaller than Promowest; it occurred to me that Cam’Ron is essentially Kool Keith for the Bloods and Ballers at this point in his career..

I was dancing to some Gucci Mane or something and started checking out this lady that turned out to be a tranny. This man tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘do not look at that’.  That was the moment I realized it was man who did not even look like an attractive woman in a dress. I figured I should try to figure out if the other lady was Cam’ron’s sister. I walked up and asked. The woman that Cam’ron’s alleged sister was talking to said, “Doesn’t she look like Cam’ron’s sister.” She did not.  Both ladies began to give me attitude which made me believe the woman could possibly be Cam’ron’s sister despite the lack of resemblance.

 Cam’ron came out with an entourage. The woman who claimed to be Cam’ron’s sister tried to climb on stage . Cam’ron and his goons pushed her back into the crowd with their feet as Killa performed “Killa Cam”. I am assuming Cam’ron would not kick his sister so therefore this woman was not his sister. Cam proceeded to murder hit after hit.


Cam rocked  joint after joint like “Certified Gangstas”, “Gangsta Music”, “Bout It”, “Hey Ma”, “Oh, Boy”  and of course “I Used To Get in Ohio”. Cam dedicated “I Used To Get It” to everyone in Columbus, and said he was happy to back.


Rapwise, Cam was technically good. He rapped with clarity and breath control. There was not rapping over the vocal bullshit on this one.

Cam did more joints, and said he was gonna dedicate the last song to all the ladies. Cam, then, performed. “Suck it or Not”.


the Uncluded (Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson) @ Wexner Center June 7th

Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson are bring their Uncluded project to the Wexner Center in support of their new record Hokey Fright that will be released May 7th on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Kimya Dawson is a Grammy winning, platinum selling singer songwriter most widely known for her work on the JUNO soundtrack and her former band, The Moldy Peaches. She has released 7 solo albums, including a children’s album “Alphabutt”.

 Aesop Rock is a  hip hop artist/producer that has released six solo albums, three EPs, and a 45-minute piece of music designed for runners, commissioned by Nike. Lyrics have been published in the New York Times Best Seller Hip Hop Speaks to Children, as well as Yale University’s Anthology of Rap (Nov. 2010). Aesop is also co-founder of, a creative resource of arts, information, and oddities.

Above is Delicate Cycle off “Hokey Fright”.

Tickets go on sale Monday April 26th here.

full U.S. tour info after the jump

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