J-Zone’s new album “Peter Pan Syndrome” Coming Soon

J-Zone recently announced that his new album “Peter Pan Syndrome” will drop in September. If you recall the veteran producer/rapper wrote a book awhile back called Root For the Villian which gave a very real take on the humbling experience of being a respected artist during the rise and fall of the turn of millenium underground Hip Hop movement.

You probably remember J-Zone from his solo records and also his work on the E.C. All-Star Compilations. Both of which were funny and well-produced.

From what I gather, “Peter Pan Syndrome” picks up where  Root For The Villian left off . It deals with— in a humourous way — being someone in their 30’s that was socialized within Hip Hop culture and is now at a point where  society’s standards are calling for adult  adjustments which are conflicted with creative and sometimes sophomoric and very Hip Hop urges. In the above video , J-Zone explains his new album so watch that because he more than likely can explain his album better than me typing on a phone.

For artwork, tracklisting and more visit J-Zone’s site www.govilliango.com.


Yeasayer 2013 Spring Tour Includes 6/26 Columbus, Ohio Date

Yeasayer Tour Dates 2013

4/11: Pomona, CA @ The Glass House (Tickets)

4/12: San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine (Sold Out)

4/13: Indio, CA @ Coachella (Sold Out)

4/20: Indio, CA @ Coachella (Sold Out)

6/9: New York, NY @ Governors Ball (Tickets)

6/25: Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls (Tickets)

6/26: Columbus, OH @ Bluestone (Tickets)

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Captured Tracks Partners With Flying Nun


Flying Nun obviously influenced the Columbus, Ohio Siltbreeze and CDR bands well as the world. So it is of local note that Brooklyn Label Captured Tracks is partnering with Flying Nun to reissue some of the influential labels back catalog.

Here is what the labels themselves had to say about the partnership:

“We at Captured Tracks are beyond ecstatic to work with Flying Nun Records for this series of reissues. As a young record collector, I always saw the label as a recommendation of quality and a constant source of inspiration. I would comb the shelves of every record store imaginable to secure anything and everything I could find. When I first heard the news that they’d bought back the rights, this partnership was something that was lingering in the back of my mind. I’m more than pleased that we can have any sort of involvement in revitalizing this amazing back catalog and returning it to record shelves the world over.”
-Mike Sniper (Captured Tracks Founder)

“We at Flying Nun are super pleased to be setting up shop with Captured Tracks, who have been showcasing some of the most exciting new music around. We think this brilliantly compliments Flying Nun’s 30 years of releasing some of the most interesting bands to come out of the remote south pacific. I can’t wait to get my teeth into helping people discover and rediscover some of these records.”
-Ben Howe (Flying Nun Managing Director)