Tyler,The Creator Columbus, Ohio 3/12/13 Review + Possible Graffiti

photo credit: Totes

I went and saw Tyler, The Creator play a solo show at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio. Odd Future shows always start on time because ¬†they are all-ages and no openers. I am not used to going to concerts that aren’t for adult drunks and people trying to have drunken sex . So I couldn’t guess when to get there. The Tyler, the Creator show was also sold-out. I feared Tyler would go on at like 7:07pm so all the kids’ parents could pick them up and get back home to get Soccer Mom wasted on prescription pills.

I had to work into the evening so I was really hoping that I would make it on time. When I got to the Newport there was a sizable line that was working its way in so I assumed that I had not missed anything.

Well, I missed one thing:


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