Video: “(614) Days of Summer”

DJ Rich Nyce made a documentary about this Year’s Summer Jam and Polar Showcase. Above is the extended trailer.
The Film Premieres December 15th at the Gateway.


Video: Barely Eagle – “Half A Man”

Barely Eagle releases a video for “Half A Man” off the Columbus, Ohio’s band’s upcoming album that should be released in the spring.

Video: Ropas At 5 Pointz

The New York Times reported today a developer began it’s conversion of Queens graffiti art community center 5 Pointz to luxury apartments. Columbus-bred graffiti artist Ropas moved to New York after high school and became a respected and known graffiti writer and fine artist. Ropas used to paint at 5 Pointz. She posted the following on facebook:

5 POINTZ! Lots of wonderful memories. I remember the day Meres took over in 2003. It went from the horrible Phun Factory with a bad reputation to being an international mecca within two years. Meres let me paint about five or so burners there. I was even interviewed by a curious CUNY sociology student who made an early website, see if you can get the Quicktime to play, it’s really funny because I sound so high on paint fumes: There was also the time the landlord, Jerry, rented a hydraulic lift so we could paint the high spots. The lift was crusty as hell but I went up like a fearless crusader of graffiti. The place was really a community of non-market artists, I’m sad to see it go, but nothing lasts forever, especially in the world of graffiti.

I downloaded the quicktime video of Ropas being interviewed, and uploaded it to you-tube.

Ro discusses painting in Columbus, being a female writer, artist, 5 Pointz and graffiti in general. Ropas also mentions her disdain of capitalism’s affect on culture which is timely seeing what just happened at 5 Pointz.. Because the original format is quicktime you can tell this was along time ago. Ro became famous graffiti artist in New York by bombing high profile spots and painting a lot of legal productions. So it’s kinda cool to hear her discuss fondest for painting Columbus chill spots, like beneath underpassed, and on abandoned warehouses.

Listen: G. Finesse – “Grease”

Columbus emcee, G. Finesse gets a pigeonhole a bit because he normally raps with a band. I am not saying people don’t mess with him but this Noshess produced joint strips away some notions you might have.  G. Finesse can talk grimy as you can see on”Grease”.

This is off G. FInesse’s upcoming solo album, “Ear Drugz”.

Listen: Umar Bin Hassan of the Last Poets on Rap Genius

If you have spent a decent amount of time in the Columbus Hip Hop community it is inevitable that you have interacted with Ohio Native Umar Bin Hassan of the Last Poets. Below is a recent Rap Genius Outside the Lines podcast with Umar Bin Hassan, He discusses growing up in Akron, linking up with the Last Poets,Mick Jagger, Cointellpro, Trayvon Martin, how bow-ties kept him from joining the N.O.I. and much more

Stream: Day Creeper – “Hell Is Real”


Anytime, you drive between Columbus  towards Cincinnati, Ohio on 1-71 you will see a billboard that states “Hell Is Real” outside Monroe, Ohio.  If you are like me you will look at this Billboard and wonder if this is the best selling point of our state.  And to the average Joe it is probably not. But at the same time there are a lot of letters here if you playing the alphabet game. Well, not that many but still it would still be a wildcard.

If you are really bored you will also forgot the Hell part, but instead  look at the “Is Real” part and ponder if the Christian fundamentalists are anti-Semitic. You could even go as far as to wonder if it would be more awkward to be someone from Israel or Palestine when interacting with whomever posted this billboard.

Well, stream the new Day Creeper “Hell Is Real” album which comes out October 1st on Tic Tac Totally while looking at the below billboard and I am sure you will think of something.

MP3: Corn Puppies – “Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit” Cover

The Corn Puppies are skateboarders from Ohio. They played in Cleveland in August and this is their Columbus debut. Here is their cover of Racist Joe’s aka Daymon Dodson’s smash hit “Bitch, You Don’t Know Shit”

Sonic Youth – Ghost Bitch (Live @ Staches 1985)

Above is a clip of Sonic Youth playing “Ghost Bitch” off the “Bad Moon Rising” album at the legendary Columbus bar Staches in 1985.

Chelsea Light Moving (Featuring Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth) is performing at Ace of Cups Thursday September 12th

TBT: Chaz McGee

Chaz Mcgee is a skater that lived by Dodge Skatepark and later moved to the OSU campus and pretty much owned everything. If you remember the Skateboard Bowl at the Wexner Center than you remember Chaz pretty owning the night. If you remember going anywhere in the late 90’s and seeing skateboarding than you probably remember Chaz doing big things effortlessly. Chaz also kicked it at DJ Przm’s(RIP) Bernies Hip Hop night and was a campus legend outside of skating for his ability to do backflips.

Chaz is one on of the those Columbus stories that where one wonders what could of been. But fuck all that…

Let’s just watch Chaz part from Columbus/L.A. Skateboarding company Playfactory’s video from the turn of the millenium at the top the page.

He is still around. I bumped into him at the Bone Show.