Listen: The @MCTREEG EP

Scion/AV dropped an EP by Chicago’s MC Tree. You can stream/download below:

You can read a Noisey interview with MC Tree here.


Action Bronson & Party Supplies – “Blue Chips 2


Action Bronson & Party Supplies drop “Blue Chips 2” which has Bronson rapping over various breaks. I can decided if I am more amused that he rapped over Pee Wee Herman or that Phil Collins song about homelessness.

You can get the tape over at Noisey of course.

Listen: Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence) – “Ron Carter”

Rhymesayers Entertainment is releasing an album by Cali-A-likes the Step-Brothers aka Evidence and Alchemist on 1-21-14 called “Lord Steppington”.

Evidence says of the above song, : ““The beat kinda reminded me of “We Are The World” -especially the drums. If you listen to 2:12 of “We Are The World,” you will hear what I’m talking about. The rap style was inspired by a group called Big Fortune that recorded a classic album in 1987, but unfortunately had to disband due to Lenny, the bands lead DJ. Lenny became self destructive and ruined everything. David Letterman’s dressing room was the last straw, in 1989, when Chico punched Lenny and sent him into a coma. He died weeks later and Chico was sentenced to 25 to life, for involuntary manslaughter. Still a classic to us, though. Step Brothers pays homage to Lenny, Chico , & all of the Big Fortune team.”

Tracklisting after the jump

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TBT: Nirvana

After reading the Steve Albini letter to Nirvana about his ideas for the recording of In Utero that has been circulating the internet because we have reached the 20th Anniversary of that album I figured I would jot down some random thoughts about Nirvana’s presence in Columbus in the early 90’s.

TBT: Nirvana
(photo of Kurt Cobain Taken in Columbus, Ohio by Angela Boatwright at a 1991 Staches Show 2 Weeks after “Nevermind” Was Released)

I remember after “Bleach” dropped Nirvana came to Staches, and then a little while later they came to Staches again right after the release of “Nevermind”. I didn’t go to either show but a bunch of people I skated with did. I liked Nirvana but I was young and jealous about missing the shows so I tried to front on when people would talk about the show. I remember saying , “yeah, Nirvana is good. But really that dude sounds like Brian Adams.” And then I would sing “The Summer of 69” when people would talk about how they would never be able to see Nirvana in such a small venue again . I’d be like, “yeah, Brian Adams won’t play there either”.

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Listen: Black Milk – “Dismal” / Ohio Tour Dates

Black Milk has a new album “”No Poison No Paradise” is dropping on October 15th. Above is “Dismal” from that album where Milk gets a bit self-loathing over a gritty beat that occuppies space between Black Sabbath, and Funkadelic.

Ohio dates and all tour dates after the jump:

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Video: Goblin Teaser Video

(av club)

Legendary Italien Prog-Rock group Goblin went back in the studio to re-record 4 songs to make those songs resemble their live show.Death Waltz Recording Co. The EP will be released on beautiful 180 gram red vinyl cut at 45rpm, with exclusive cover art by legendary artist Graham Humphreys (Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Basket Case, etc).