Video: Ropas At 5 Pointz

The New York Times reported today a developer began it’s conversion of Queens graffiti art community center 5 Pointz to luxury apartments. Columbus-bred graffiti artist Ropas moved to New York after high school and became a respected and known graffiti writer and fine artist. Ropas used to paint at 5 Pointz. She posted the following on facebook:

5 POINTZ! Lots of wonderful memories. I remember the day Meres took over in 2003. It went from the horrible Phun Factory with a bad reputation to being an international mecca within two years. Meres let me paint about five or so burners there. I was even interviewed by a curious CUNY sociology student who made an early website, see if you can get the Quicktime to play, it’s really funny because I sound so high on paint fumes: There was also the time the landlord, Jerry, rented a hydraulic lift so we could paint the high spots. The lift was crusty as hell but I went up like a fearless crusader of graffiti. The place was really a community of non-market artists, I’m sad to see it go, but nothing lasts forever, especially in the world of graffiti.

I downloaded the quicktime video of Ropas being interviewed, and uploaded it to you-tube.

Ro discusses painting in Columbus, being a female writer, artist, 5 Pointz and graffiti in general. Ropas also mentions her disdain of capitalism’s affect on culture which is timely seeing what just happened at 5 Pointz.. Because the original format is quicktime you can tell this was along time ago. Ro became famous graffiti artist in New York by bombing high profile spots and painting a lot of legal productions. So it’s kinda cool to hear her discuss fondest for painting Columbus chill spots, like beneath underpassed, and on abandoned warehouses.


Nerd and Emote in Clamor Magazine Graffiti Story

Clamor Magazine did a story on on Nerd and Emote back in 2000. Clamor was a political magazine based out of Toledo that was available nationally. Kinda bugged BSA dudes were in the same magazine as Howard Zinn…

The graffiti story was pretty good done by someone from Columbus writing under the alias Lee Pesado. (side note note. Emote also wrote Die.)

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Columbus Graffiti Throwback: DIE BSA/KNK/TLM

I shared a couple crews with DIE.  He was seriously so good as the wall shows. In the late 90’s to mid 200o’s few people were as fresh as DIE.

DIE was my first close gay friend. I know it probably seems weird to introduce a writer like that. Like his wiki is “dope pieces” and “gay writer”. But I remember when Die came out; he offered to drop out of BSA because he didn’t want me to experience negative repercussions from the Hip Hop community.

This isn’t to say DIE was a coward. He just knew how the world worked and cared about his friends.

Think about that idea though: ‘Yeah, you burn me every time we paint, and you are one of my best friends but yeah we can’t have that gay shit’.

I told him that we had his back 110 percent and then probably tarnished the moment slightly by making an awkward joke.

THank god in 2013 Hip Hop has come to the point where it’s not socially acceptable to hate gays.

:  Die BSA/ KNK/ TLM @ More Than Music Fest 2002…I think?

But I am putting it out there so if any gay writers are coming up and hang out with dudes that say some dumb homophobic shit: AN OHIO GRAFFITI LEGEND WAS GAY.  I know there have been a zillion gay writers. But still… It never hurts to know someone like you did something exceptional.