Video: RJD2- “Descended From Myth”


RJD2 explained the concept for his new video off his latest album “More is Than Isn’t”, “Thom Glunt’s idea for “Descended From Myth” was a perfect fit for the song. I’ve been asked time and time again, ‘How do you make your records? What does the process look like?’ So the idea that the song came from a massive musical automaton of sorts seemed to be a great narrative for a song like this.”

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Video: Ropas At 5 Pointz

The New York Times reported today a developer began it’s conversion of Queens graffiti art community center 5 Pointz to luxury apartments. Columbus-bred graffiti artist Ropas moved to New York after high school and became a respected and known graffiti writer and fine artist. Ropas used to paint at 5 Pointz. She posted the following on facebook:

5 POINTZ! Lots of wonderful memories. I remember the day Meres took over in 2003. It went from the horrible Phun Factory with a bad reputation to being an international mecca within two years. Meres let me paint about five or so burners there. I was even interviewed by a curious CUNY sociology student who made an early website, see if you can get the Quicktime to play, it’s really funny because I sound so high on paint fumes: There was also the time the landlord, Jerry, rented a hydraulic lift so we could paint the high spots. The lift was crusty as hell but I went up like a fearless crusader of graffiti. The place was really a community of non-market artists, I’m sad to see it go, but nothing lasts forever, especially in the world of graffiti.

I downloaded the quicktime video of Ropas being interviewed, and uploaded it to you-tube.

Ro discusses painting in Columbus, being a female writer, artist, 5 Pointz and graffiti in general. Ropas also mentions her disdain of capitalism’s affect on culture which is timely seeing what just happened at 5 Pointz.. Because the original format is quicktime you can tell this was along time ago. Ro became famous graffiti artist in New York by bombing high profile spots and painting a lot of legal productions. So it’s kinda cool to hear her discuss fondest for painting Columbus chill spots, like beneath underpassed, and on abandoned warehouses.

Youth Code Mentions Scott Neimet in Ghetto Blaster Interview

Columbus ex-pat Scott Niemet and his old band the Lack got a mention by Dais Record’s Youth Code in Ghetto Blaster Magazine

I actually first heard about you through Scott Niemet, who used to be in The Lack (on Troubleman Unlimited), which is appropriate since he’s a hardcore dude who was in an industrial band. Are you familiar with him or the band?

Sara Taylor: Yeah oddly enough our friend Mehran in Portland (writer’s note: whom I discovered later was the editor of Light Up The Sky online zine in the early ’00s) put us together a couple CDs of their material. Pretty cool stuff. I don’t know those dudes at all, but the music is rad. From what I know they’re not a band anymore?

Ryan William George: I just became friends with Scott through Instagram of all places. Our pal, Mehran gave us a copy of the record and I posted it, because it fucking rules, and Scott was like “Yo! That’s my band!” Ha ha.

Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu also recently mentioned that Youth Code are his favorite LA

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Listen: Squrl – Pink Dust (Nick Zimmer Remix – Edit)

Listen: Squrl - Pink Dust (Nick Zimmer Remix - Edit)

SQÜRL is comprised of Jim Jarmusch, Carter Logan and Shane Stoneback. This is EP #2, the 2nd part of their trilogy EPs out November 5th via ATP Recordings. The new EP is limited to 1000 copies available on deluxe limited edition 12” picture disc vinyl. In light of the new EP, Nick Zinner has made a radio edit remix of “Pink Dust,” a track from EP #1 that is available as a download code when you purchase EP #2 on vinyl.

Listen: Umar Bin Hassan of the Last Poets on Rap Genius

If you have spent a decent amount of time in the Columbus Hip Hop community it is inevitable that you have interacted with Ohio Native Umar Bin Hassan of the Last Poets. Below is a recent Rap Genius Outside the Lines podcast with Umar Bin Hassan, He discusses growing up in Akron, linking up with the Last Poets,Mick Jagger, Cointellpro, Trayvon Martin, how bow-ties kept him from joining the N.O.I. and much more

Listen: Bell Boys – Hotel Garma EP

Listen: Bell Boys - Hotel Garma EP

The Bell Boys are Columbus ex-pat Garrett David (Adulture) and not from Columbus Adam Rowe who met working together in the offices of Chicago House Label Dust Traxx. They are currently roommates and co-workers at Gramaphone Records. Above is their first EP “Hotel Garma” out on Discovery Records. As you can listen and ascertain this is perfect release for someone who listens to house music while feeling comfortable with their evening. “B-Free” on this ep features Shaun J Wright(ex-Hercules & Love Affair).

Listen: RJD2: “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request” (Candy Panther Remix Feat. J-LIVE)


J-Live and Candy Panther lend their talents to a remix of RJD2’s “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request” off RJ’s upcoming album MORE IS THAN ISN’T, out OCT. 8 on RJ’S ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS.

Listen to it at Complex

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Video: Beef Patty Skate Video

Columbus ex-pat and Embassy Boardshop rider Max Palmer has a section in this New York skate video.

You also gotta a love a skate video that starts off with Boogie Down Production’s PRT and X-Clan dissing, humanism promoting “Build & Destroy” song from the album “Sex & Violence”.

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