Watch “Dj Manwell x Stro Elliot x Procussions x Tour de France” on YouTube

Columbus ex-pat DJ Manwell and the 2012 L.A. DMC champ just uploaded this video of himself catching catching wreck.


Large Pro. + J-Zone Spinning in Akron 3/16

Large Pro. + J-Zone Spinning in Akron 3/16

Extra P, J-Zone, Forrest Getemgump and more will be deejaying in Akron on March 16th @ Annabelles. Admission is $5.

Below is a Live Mix by J-Zone on Eli Escobar & Nasty Vaz’s Radio Show on

An Interview With Sammy Bananas About Art Education, School Dances, R+B + More


(Photo of CJ Townsend + Sammy Bananas by Danielle Kline)

Sammy Bananas is spinning at the Wexner Center this evening (Saturday,  March 9th)  as part of the Wex’s Annual Off the Grid Party along with CJ Townsend, George Brazil and Jenny Arcade. Sammy is a respected Deejay, and Producer who releases music on the revered Fool’s Gold label. He has long made remixes like this Miguel “Adorn” remix.

Sammy resides in Brooklyn but he is no stranger to Columbus crowds. Sammy always does well here. He has never been scared to switch up trap music or house to a little TLC when the moment is right. Sammy is a smart and talented dude. The Wex uses Off the Grid to raise money to create Art Education Experiences for School-Aged Children. Given these factors; we did an interview about Art Education, R+B and Sammy’s game-plan for tonight’s event.

I saw an interview where you said that the Red Bull Music Academy changed your life. How so?

Being part of the Cape Town ’03 RBMA class was when I decided to truly pursue a career in music production and djing. In my life to that point I’d been accepted on merit to high school and college, so knowing that the quality of my music had made me stand out among a massive field of applicants was a big deal in believing I had something worth sharing.  During the 2 week program, I got a closer glimpse into what a career in music production would really be like from hanging out with people like Prince Paul, and my future label boss A-trak, and learned that each of them gained recognition by dedication and focus to their passion.

Proceeds from the event you are dejaying “Off the Grid” go to the Wexner Center’s education program for school-aged children.What is the importance of art in education? And utilizing art to nuture children.

Among many broken and dysfunctional parts of our country’s education system, the defunding of art programs is the most tragic to me.  It’s the proof that we are setup to only evaluate the process of learning in a semi-computerized approach that really just values quantitative data.  The arts are decidedly non-quantitative, but the creative thinking, risk taking, idea sharing and emotional depth that they promote is just unparalleled and vital to learning.

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