Listen: King Vada & DJ Corey Grand “20” (A Tribute to Nas)

Columbus emcee King Vada flips verses over various Illmatic instrumentals blended by Cleveland deejay Corey Grand to pay tribute to the 20th anniversary of the classic Nas album.


TBT: Killed In Action’s Fake Cocaine Photo Shoot

TBT: Killed In Action's Fake Cocaine Photo Shoot

The Killed In Action saga can’t be covered entirely today.
Killed in Action was an Ohio thrash band that slayed everything in their vicinity and brought a lot of people together

For now we will leave it at above is a photo of Grill Em All’s Ryan Harkins  pretending to sniff his band’s name in fake coke.

Black Keys Pinch-Hits For West Akron Baseball League


MTV.Com has the story on Ohio boys continuing to make good.  You remember when the Black Keys sponsored a West Akron Baseball team last year?

This year the Keys take it step further, and are donating the profits from a Black Keys W.A.B.L. jersey designed by the Keys art director Michael Carney to their childhood baseball league.

You can order the shirt here.


Listen: Frans Schuman – “Wakin’ On A Pretty Day” (Kurt Vile Cover)

Frans Schuman sent over this cover of Kurt Vile & The Violators “Wakin On a Pretty Day” after seeing the previous post.

with this explanation of his reasoning for the cover on his website :

After almost a year hearing about his latest album I finally got a hold on Wakin On a Pretty Daze by Kurt Vile and the Violators. Kurt Vile Wakin On a Pretty Day

In the opening title that I cover here, Kurt Vile expresses this peculiar feeling of waking up to a beautiful day. And it’s not all about the sun shining high, but rather an impression that the day is perfectly reflecting your inner state of mind.

I wished I’d seen him playing live when I went to see Moon Duo (space partners!) last summer, with whom he has toured as hinted in the track KV Crimes.

The album is about Kurt Vile’s life.

While he’s happy his music is getting more and more recognition, there are downsides to touring abroad and a lot.

Because Kurt Vile makes no secret that he is a family man, anxious to spend the most time with his kids.

Interview: Cosmo Baker Speaks Art Education, Skating, Graffiti & More

Interview: Cosmo Baker Speaks Art Education, Skating & Graffiti

photo by Dan Raff

Brooklyn’s Cosmo Baker is set to spin at the Wexner Center’s Off the Grid Party on Saturday, March 8th. Local support will be provided by George Brazil and Nick Toldford & Co. Cosmo Baker is a heavily revered deejay. Cosmo has been spinning for 23 years so unless you want me to include a 2000 page resume as a PDF let’s just say he helped found the World Famous dance party the Rub in Brooklyn, and is a Philly-Bred guy who has done mixes for everyone on the planet including the Roots Picnic. I interviewed Mr. Baker for the Columbus Free Press During the interview Mr. Baker spoke on the passing of Philly writer CR Star, and his own graffiti background. He also discussed devils, skateboading and Ohio funk. I figured the full interview would be of interest to the readers over here.

The event you are playing is a fund raiser for Art Education programs. What is the importance of art education to you?

Art is this intangible thing that moves the world. I mean art, in any form, moves people personally, and that feeling matriculates through relationships and families and communities. It’s such an integral component of human communication and interaction. And now these days when arts programs are being gutted from schools and for the most part young kids only exposure to are comes in the form of public art and advertising, it’s crucial that we all do our best to continue educating other about the importance of art in all aspects of society. So yeah, things like this mean a great deal to me. If it weren’t for my art education, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

You are coming to Columbus, and I know you are a record guy… What are your top 3 Ohio Funk/Soul Records? 

Dude that is NOT a fair question. I’ve said this so many times – Ohio is the funkiest state in the union! You have Roger Troutman. You have Slave. You have Bootsy Collins. You have Dazz. You have Heatwave! YOU CANNOT ASK ME TO JUST CHOOSE THREE. But, if I must, I’ll say The O’Jay’s “Darling Darling Baby” cause of the Philly connection, I’d probably say Ohio Players “Pride And Vanity” and then you have The Isley Brothers and I mean HOW CAN I CHOOSE ONE ISLEY BROTHERS SONG?!? Okay, The Isley Brother “Keep On Doin’” which is what I will pick at this very exact moment.

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TBT: Devo / Chrissie Hynde/ The Black Keys – Obama/Biden Rally 10/07/08

Bob Casale of Devo died at the age of 61 last Monday.
It made me feel grateful of the time Dkline, Todd and I drove up from Columbus to Akron see Devo, Chrissie Hynde, and The Black Keys play an Obama/Biden Rally at the Civic Theater.
It was pretty amazing evening. If you are familiar with TBK sense of humor than you can see the Devo in them. So it was cool in itself that the Keys opened for Devo.

Devo was amazing. They played all the hits, and also interwined commentary about how Devoution was real. Devo basically was saying Obama/Biden would be method to combat how bad things had gotten during the Bush Regime.

You can watch the above video and see some of what Devo had to say. Obama wasn’t there. But it was still a pretty special evening. Seeing that Mr. Casale died last Monday, and Alan Meyers died in 2013; I feel pretty fortunate that I got to see the Ohio legends.

After the jump you can look at an instagram picture Patrick Carney posted of an autograph Bob Casale gave him after the show and also the end jam session with Devo, Chrissie Hynde and the Black Keys.

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