Listen: Frans Schuman – “Wakin’ On A Pretty Day” (Kurt Vile Cover)

Frans Schuman sent over this cover of Kurt Vile & The Violators “Wakin On a Pretty Day” after seeing the previous post.

with this explanation of his reasoning for the cover on his website :

After almost a year hearing about his latest album I finally got a hold on Wakin On a Pretty Daze by Kurt Vile and the Violators. Kurt Vile Wakin On a Pretty Day

In the opening title that I cover here, Kurt Vile expresses this peculiar feeling of waking up to a beautiful day. And it’s not all about the sun shining high, but rather an impression that the day is perfectly reflecting your inner state of mind.

I wished I’d seen him playing live when I went to see Moon Duo (space partners!) last summer, with whom he has toured as hinted in the track KV Crimes.

The album is about Kurt Vile’s life.

While he’s happy his music is getting more and more recognition, there are downsides to touring abroad and a lot.

Because Kurt Vile makes no secret that he is a family man, anxious to spend the most time with his kids.


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