Justin Bieber Arrested


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Justin Bieber does not need my help. He is rich, and successful. However, I think two things about his recent arrest in Miami while driving a lambo while allegedly flying high:lo

1. Justin Bieber has probably worked 60 plus hours a week his entire teenage years to be successful. I remember having jobs, and school that basically work out to 60 hours a week during high school.  At the age of 19, one hits a wall when reflecting on mortality and might decide to drop-out for a moment. When I was 19, I was pushing carts for a living while deciding between going to a Community College, moving away, or trying to get promoted to cashier. So I totally see that in between manhood, and childhood area that is making dude say: “fuck it. fuck the rat race.”

Which might lead to my second thought:

2. Anytime a rapper or rock star gets arrested; we celebrate it a little. I think there is freedom fantasy that rockstars and rappers often fulfill when they do this.

They are mythological gods of dropping out of society and having rewards in excess. 

I hope if I was rich and famous I would drive a Mercedes Benz F- Cell or a BMW Hybrid or some sort of luxury energy eco-friendly transport while relaxed sipping a chai on my way to use my good energy to save the world. I not

However, there is still an element of ‘we are all working stiffs’ so when a rapper or rock star acts out.. it’s like hell yeah sometimes :THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN..

It’s a real-life dream of being above the law. You don’t like it when celebs do shitty things to other people. But there is something to be said about the vicarious entertainment value of stars being bad. I will never own a lambo.

While in the honest line of thought; it would be dishonest to say it wouldn’t be better for Justin to figure out a long-term plan. Justin has the world in his hands. If he messes with Chance The Rapper,Raekwon, graff, Ye, OF and things like that then he has the tools to do some surprising thing. But who knows, maybe he has it all worked out.

People want him to crash and burn. I am not rooting for that. But that’s really not something I am gonna spend my waking hours worrying about. I mean, Nikki Sixxx has a radio show right?


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