TBT: Envelope -“Insignificant Anthems” Release Party October 14-2005


Bru Lei posted this on Facebook. In lieu of how fun, Envelope’s NYE Show was and also given the fact that I’m in my car and lack access to archive; I’m gonna role with this.

This album was very anticipated in Columbus but took awhile to come out.
Envelope was originally on another label but that label owner was scared of Blueprint stealing Tony as an artist so he forbid Envelope to have Blueprint as a host for a show.Envelope told his label that they couldn’t make decisions like that for him.

At the time Blueprint was focused on Rhymesayers, and the current Weightless Roster so “stealing” Envelope wasn’t on his radar.

Well, I was Weightless at the time and Tony was like my little brother. So I went to Weightless and told them Envelope was without a label. I got a demo of “Insignificant Anthems.” They took a listen to the album and decided it was good enough to come out on their brand.

Tony paid his old label for the Masters and then re-recorded the album for Weightless.

So because of the delay, Envelope wanted to do something epic.

The show itself was insane.

Envelope put together a mini-play and stage set. He built a centaur costume for himself and had me spray paint a cut-out of an ice cream truck for his dj/producer at the time Amos Famous to deejay out of.

He also was able to include a good cross section of the Columbus music community at the time:

The show was hosted by Jeff Fernagle of Tree of Snakes. El Jesus De Magician played as well. Both Tree of Snakes and ElJesus were part of the Columbus Discount Record noise rock thing that was really taking a strong foot.

Envelope had Matt Miner of Teeth of The Hydra play guitar at the beginning of the show

DJ True Skills represented the beat diggers and played funk and soul throughout the night.

Not only did I spray the back drop, I also dj’d with Big Marty during power hour. I was writing for both the Alive and several graffiti crews at the time. Marty was shaping DIY flyer design in the hardcore community.

So naturally we played trap music. We had this crew called 3CB. It was me, Mike Carney, Marty, Smoke and Marty’s brother. I’m not gonna say we were the best but we were the first people really playing Southern rap and punk records together in front of mixed crowds in Columbus. This was before Diplo and Hollertronix really hit. We weren’t deejays but we understood fun.

I stopped dejaying when Daymon died because I wanted to play a support role for deejays like Daymon did. That was probably not necessary but you know..

Well, me me me aside:

Tony’s show was amazing. And it also brought like 560 people out which helped show Skully’s that rap could be profitable for them.

There had been an Alive Bands To Watch Show with Illogic and a weekday Spitball/Envelope/Illogic show prior but this one really set up Columbus Hip Hop for Skullys.

I remember counting money in the kitchen with Skully and Angelo. Skully didnt really know me so he started saying this was more money than I’d ever seen. I was drunk, and had just deejay a packed room. On top of that I had bumped Dipset in my car on the way to the venue. So I looked at Skully and said, “Look. We packed your bar. If you aren’t getting money off drinks than I don’t know why we should fuck with each other. Cause I don’t know how this situation could be more profitable.”

Skully smiled and was just like ‘ I like you Wes.” From that day on he kept it 100 hundred with me and treated me like a member of his family.

The next show at Skully’s was the Greenhouse VS. Radiohead which was epic. Blueprint was touring the day on the Envelope release party so Skully got to know the whole crew and treated us well around the promotion for Greenhouse Vs. Radiohead.

What bar owner wouldn’t love a headliner like Blueprint standing outside every night passing out handbills with his people leading up to his own show?

Weightless built a relationship with Skully that had so many classic moments by Print, Greenhouse,Rare Groove, Zero Star, Envelope, Illogic and all the acts Blueprint would bring to town like Eyedea and Abilities, Maker, Blockhead etc.


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