TBT: LeBron James @ Milk Bar 10/24/2008

It’s not Thursday, but I didn’t have time yesterday.
The Milk Bar Boutique is celebrating it’s 6th Anniversary this Weekend.

So I figured it was fitting to look back to 2008 when LeBron James had a party there.

This was when the Milk Bar was located closer to 5th Avenue.

LeBron was in town because the Cavs played the Wizards at the Value City Arena here in Columbus. So his people decided to throw a party to show some love for Columbus.

Johnny Cashola, and Clockwork deejayed early. DJ Steph Floss took to the tables right before LeBron showed up.

Floss played pretty much all Jay-Z all night save for a Fly Union song.

LeBron knew every word to every song. He hung out the side in a corner with his people and just rapped along.

I remember looking over when Steph Floss played “Swagger LIke Us” and thinking it was cool seeing Lebron singing along with MIA. It was surreal, but kinda normal.

I wondered if LeBron doesn’t get to just hang out and listen to music with his people in a normal setting like a normal 23 year old Hip Hip head would get to so the evening was fun for him.

It was cool for us because Milk Bar stocked a bar, and all of our friends were there. So It like doing what we normally do on a weekend but adding the world’s greatest basketball player and free booze.

Peep the The Grip for more.


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