Video: Ropas At 5 Pointz

The New York Times reported today a developer began it’s conversion of Queens graffiti art community center 5 Pointz to luxury apartments. Columbus-bred graffiti artist Ropas moved to New York after high school and became a respected and known graffiti writer and fine artist. Ropas used to paint at 5 Pointz. She posted the following on facebook:

5 POINTZ! Lots of wonderful memories. I remember the day Meres took over in 2003. It went from the horrible Phun Factory with a bad reputation to being an international mecca within two years. Meres let me paint about five or so burners there. I was even interviewed by a curious CUNY sociology student who made an early website, see if you can get the Quicktime to play, it’s really funny because I sound so high on paint fumes: There was also the time the landlord, Jerry, rented a hydraulic lift so we could paint the high spots. The lift was crusty as hell but I went up like a fearless crusader of graffiti. The place was really a community of non-market artists, I’m sad to see it go, but nothing lasts forever, especially in the world of graffiti.

I downloaded the quicktime video of Ropas being interviewed, and uploaded it to you-tube.

Ro discusses painting in Columbus, being a female writer, artist, 5 Pointz and graffiti in general. Ropas also mentions her disdain of capitalism’s affect on culture which is timely seeing what just happened at 5 Pointz.. Because the original format is quicktime you can tell this was along time ago. Ro became famous graffiti artist in New York by bombing high profile spots and painting a lot of legal productions. So it’s kinda cool to hear her discuss fondest for painting Columbus chill spots, like beneath underpassed, and on abandoned warehouses.


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