Youth Code Mentions Scott Neimet in Ghetto Blaster Interview

Columbus ex-pat Scott Niemet and his old band the Lack got a mention by Dais Record’s Youth Code in Ghetto Blaster Magazine

I actually first heard about you through Scott Niemet, who used to be in The Lack (on Troubleman Unlimited), which is appropriate since he’s a hardcore dude who was in an industrial band. Are you familiar with him or the band?

Sara Taylor: Yeah oddly enough our friend Mehran in Portland (writer’s note: whom I discovered later was the editor of Light Up The Sky online zine in the early ’00s) put us together a couple CDs of their material. Pretty cool stuff. I don’t know those dudes at all, but the music is rad. From what I know they’re not a band anymore?

Ryan William George: I just became friends with Scott through Instagram of all places. Our pal, Mehran gave us a copy of the record and I posted it, because it fucking rules, and Scott was like “Yo! That’s my band!” Ha ha.

Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu also recently mentioned that Youth Code are his favorite LA

Read the rest of the interview here.


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