Video: “(614) Days of Summer”

DJ Rich Nyce made a documentary about this Year’s Summer Jam and Polar Showcase. Above is the extended trailer.
The Film Premieres December 15th at the Gateway.


Stream: Tropical Popsicle- “Dawn Of Delight”

Volar Records just released vinyl for Tropical Popsicle’s album “Dawn of Delight.” album. Columbus ex-pat Ryan Hand plays drum in this band that I am not sure if sure to refer to as “Beach Goth.” so maybe I will call it surf rock for the drowning on liquid acid? Eh, sorry.

Well, listen above above and order the record. 


Video: Ropas At 5 Pointz

The New York Times reported today a developer began it’s conversion of Queens graffiti art community center 5 Pointz to luxury apartments. Columbus-bred graffiti artist Ropas moved to New York after high school and became a respected and known graffiti writer and fine artist. Ropas used to paint at 5 Pointz. She posted the following on facebook:

5 POINTZ! Lots of wonderful memories. I remember the day Meres took over in 2003. It went from the horrible Phun Factory with a bad reputation to being an international mecca within two years. Meres let me paint about five or so burners there. I was even interviewed by a curious CUNY sociology student who made an early website, see if you can get the Quicktime to play, it’s really funny because I sound so high on paint fumes: There was also the time the landlord, Jerry, rented a hydraulic lift so we could paint the high spots. The lift was crusty as hell but I went up like a fearless crusader of graffiti. The place was really a community of non-market artists, I’m sad to see it go, but nothing lasts forever, especially in the world of graffiti.

I downloaded the quicktime video of Ropas being interviewed, and uploaded it to you-tube.

Ro discusses painting in Columbus, being a female writer, artist, 5 Pointz and graffiti in general. Ropas also mentions her disdain of capitalism’s affect on culture which is timely seeing what just happened at 5 Pointz.. Because the original format is quicktime you can tell this was along time ago. Ro became famous graffiti artist in New York by bombing high profile spots and painting a lot of legal productions. So it’s kinda cool to hear her discuss fondest for painting Columbus chill spots, like beneath underpassed, and on abandoned warehouses.

Video: C Spencer Yeh / Okkyung Lee / Lasse Marhaug – “Ophelia Gimme Shelter”

Cinncinati’s C. Spencer Yeh is joined by Okkyung Lee and Lasse Margaug for “Ophelia Gimme Shelter.” off their new album “Wake Up Awesome.”

I was trying to find this video of C. Spencer Yeh making fun of a blogger who spelled his name wrong to Times New Viking. This had something to do with TNV’s Velvet Underground Cover show. The video was really funny to me because I assumed he was making fun of me and TNV were tuning him out because they probably had a good idea of who he was talking about . But alas I can not locate it at this moment.

Download: King Vada – “FLWR$ Before I Go”

Columbus emcee King Vada dropped a new Ep this week, “Flwr$ Before I Go”. Vada will do some guest appearances during Lupe Fiasco’Tetsuo and Youth Preview Tour dates with his good friend Stalley.

You can read a feature on Vada in the Columbus Free Press while listening to the EP. 

Vada collaborated with London, UK visual artist Jasmin Sehra for the cover art. Back cover after the jump.

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Listen: Trek Manifest – “Engine # 9”

Columbus rapper Trek Manifest has to be the first person to reference the Ying Yang Twins in a love song and not sound like a complete creep. This melodic “Engine #9” is off the Exec Gang member’s upcoming album, “Nice Guys FInish First”.