TBT: SInkane & DJ Abilities

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Downloadble PDF: Sinkane So What Wednesday Article in 2007

Above is an article that I wrote about Sinkane to preview a performance Ahmed had with DJ Abilities at So What Wednesday’s that was printed in the Columbus Alive on March 28th, 2007. Ahmed aka Sinkane met DJ Abilities at Critical Beatdown Showcase we (Weightless when I worked for Weightless) did on 08/25/06. Ahmed was in a group called Pompeii This Morning at the time. I think Maker from Chicago was on the bill. Basically, Critical Beatdown was an event where Blueprint would bring in instrumental Hip Hop performers that he was friends with, and I would reach out to Columbus instrumental rock groups that I felt fit the mood. I guess you could compare this to the Low End Theory event in L.A. When researching this it dawns on me the Abilities and Sinkane met on my birthday which was 9 days after Daymon Dodson died. So what the fuck a weird moment that was. My story of the evening ends up with me puking up a Cake from Patty Cake Bakery because Angelo who worked at Skully’s fed me shots because he felt sorry for me.

Ahmed and Abilities story of that evening ends up with deciding to work on a project together. It is fitting that they linked back up for performance at So What Wednesday’s which was named after Daymon Dodson’s rap moniker. The practical reason is that they both knew Blueprint.

When I wrote the above article it was an interesting moment because talking to Ahmed about his life, and his father’s political resistance in Sudan kinda put into perspective what an extraordinary person Ahmed is. You can read the article get a small idea of what I mean.

As far as Abilities and Ahmed at So What Wednesdays in 2007, they hadn’t rehearsed anything so it was a pure moment of unspoken musicianship. Abilities did his thing on the turntables and Ahmed matched the mood with his drumming.

They worked on a project that never saw the light of day but I remember it being really interesting music with really technical scratches from the Simpsons on it.

Sinkane – “Runnin”

DJ Abilities at So What Wednesdays

I guess no one got the Sinkane/ DJ Abilities thing on tape.


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