Columbus 10/7/13: “Ghost B.C.”

On Mondays I work at Roots Records. It’s a reggae store in Columbus, Ohio.

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TO be honest, my idea of  reggae is pretty much defined by “Boom Bye Bye” and Max Romeo. But Roots Records has always supported Columbus Hip Hop so somehow I fit in to that category. We have alot of random Hip Hop records. The other day I came across a Biz Markie record where him and Diddy sampled the movie Wild Style as well as records by Saafir’s group The Whoridas, a Double Lp of Master P’s group TRU and some other random records. The store has all kind of random surprises from pretty much any genre. But the store is super thoro when it comes to reggae.

Because of our reggae selection we have a steady stream of people from places like Luxembourg, Germany, and Sweden that shop the store. Last night, two men who were dressed like your typical nondescript metalheads came in. One was really tall. The other guy was average size. The tall dude had a pretty thick European accent so when he asked me questions I could not tell what the hell he was saying. He asked me if we had a more current reggae movie kinda like Rockers.  Because he was a foreigner,  I figured he was into positive music so therefore I did not follow my instinct of suggesting “Shottaz”.  I showed him a JImmy Cliff movie then the two moved on to shop around.  The two men asked asked questions about shirts and whatnot from time to time. It was close to closing time so I was just sweeping or some shit.

When the Euro dudes checked out at the cash register  the tall one bought a hoodie, and tried to pay with a Maestro  Credit card. I thought it was like a Master Card but our machine didn’t want any parts of it when I tried to swipe it thru.

The shorter guy pulled out a Visa and covered for the taller guy. Because the Maestro card was not normal and the  guys had accents I asked them where they were from.

They said they were from Sweden and in town to play a concert. I remembered that Ghost BC was in town so I said…”wait, are  you Ghost BC?” They laughed and said they were. I was kinda flabbergasted because Ghost BC usually rocks costumes that inverse Christian imagery for Blashpemous purposes and chooses to remain anonymous. We chitchatted and then GHOST BC offered to put me on the guest list for the show and told me their set time was 9:15. I was like “word” and thanked them.

Ghost BC were hella nice: especially for men who wear unholy costumes to promote Satanism’s legacy in Rock Music.  SO I remarked “Aren’t you Satanists?  You guys are the Satanic group. That is your thing.” The shorter guy smiled warmly and replied, “Yeah. We aren’t that bad. We like reggae.”

I shut down the shop a little later and then went to the Newport Music Hall.

I walked in right as Ghost BC was taking the stage. To be honest, my perception of Ghost BC was they were the new Gwar, or Kiss . I knew Warren, Ohio native David Grohl  played with the group from time to time and recently recorded an ep of covers for the band but other than that I wasn’t sure what to make of them because my idea of metal is defined by  Grand Belial’s Key and Black Sabbath.

I must say Ghost BC is heavier than I really guessed. The layering of guitars mixed with the classical music  coupled with the Count Chocula vocals basically comes off like King Diamond and David Bowie coming to an understanding spiritually over a joint and a Pentagram record.   I don’t know the catalog like that but I can say I mess with “Ritual”  and this song “Monstrance Clock”. There were definately chants of BEEZLEBUB not to be confused with Beezlebubba.

Obviously, the costumes and stage theatrics make Ghost BC sorta like Kings Island or a Haunted House where you have to see it at least once but the after hearing it live I plan on looking into Ghost BC’s music. Also looking at them as just a metal band kind of confuses the issue and perhaps would make you pigeonhole Ghost BC in a manner where your value system might be off.

All and all, I can say seeing what dude’s look like did not ruin it for me at all. It made me appreciate the band from visualized, and performance perspective. Regular guys creating a huge moment for a group of people kinda brings the magic back to music. I’m trying to figure out what to classify them as——– maybe a conceptual pop-pysch rock Misfits?

Live they are heavy thooo


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