TBT- K-Otix ft. Lone Catalyst “Ooh Ahh”

This TBT is going to be more about Houston than Ohio but..
My man, Mista Remix invited me to the first full K-Otix show in Houston in 10 Years via facebook. I met Mista Remix through Bryer who brought Remix up to do a So What Wednesday at Cafe Bourbon Street..

So it put Houston rap group K-Otix on my brain. I went to college in Louisiana the late 90’s  and had a college radio show. K-Otix were from Texas and made straight up hip hop during the No Limit-era so they were the kings of Underground Hip Hop in the region.

K-Otix – “Fallen Behind”

K-Otix’s producer Russell (the ARE) used to send me his groups records to play on my show. He was cool as fuck.

K-Otix – 7 Mc’s

K-Otix – DO You Wanna Be An Emcee

I remember him talking me into coming up the the CMJ conference in New Orleans because he said he was working for either Rawkus or Universal.

My hair was super long at the time because during a game of Exquisite Corpse a few months prior my gf at the time assembled the letters to tell me get a haircut. I did not because of a learning disorder I possess. Well, after Russell talked me into going to the Rawkus showcase I went and caught a fade before heading up to N.O.  I didn’t run into Russell at the bar he sent me too but at the Rawkus showcase but  saw Blackstarr, and my dude and I ran into Kweli and Mos Def outside the venue. This was like in 97. My dude got Mos and Kweli to sign his issue of Urb. I remember making a joke to Mos about having a little hand-style. He smiled. So anytime I’ve ever read about Mos Def feeling someway about white people I always think to myself, ‘damn Mos prolly thought I was an annoying cracker when I committed on his hand.’ At least I had a hair-cut and didn’t look like a metal roadie. My girl was mad when I got home that I would cut my hair for a Hip Hop producer from TX but not her.

A few years later I moved back to Columbus from Louisiana I came up on this record at SInging Dog:

K-Otix ft. Lone Catalyst – “Ooh Ahh”

it was a trip because Lone Cat were an Ohio group so to see my dude from TX working with Rawls, and J. Sands was cool. I hadn’t met Rawls or Sands yet so it was me being stoked as a K-Otix fan.  Now that I am friends with Rawls, and Sands it’s bugged out to think about both of Lone Cat and K-Otix legacy and what a small world it is.

Side Note: The Are went on to produce for LL Cool J, Nicki Minaj, Joe, Earth Wind and Fire, and Joe.


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