Stream: Day Creeper – “Hell Is Real”


Anytime, you drive between Columbus  towards Cincinnati, Ohio on 1-71 you will see a billboard that states “Hell Is Real” outside Monroe, Ohio.  If you are like me you will look at this Billboard and wonder if this is the best selling point of our state.  And to the average Joe it is probably not. But at the same time there are a lot of letters here if you playing the alphabet game. Well, not that many but still it would still be a wildcard.

If you are really bored you will also forgot the Hell part, but instead  look at the “Is Real” part and ponder if the Christian fundamentalists are anti-Semitic. You could even go as far as to wonder if it would be more awkward to be someone from Israel or Palestine when interacting with whomever posted this billboard.

Well, stream the new Day Creeper “Hell Is Real” album which comes out October 1st on Tic Tac Totally while looking at the below billboard and I am sure you will think of something.


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