TBT: S.A. Smash @ Daymon Day 2007 After Party

September 15, 2007 was the Second Daymon Day. It was the year Daymon Day solidified it’s existence because DJ PRZM passed away in such close proximity to Daymon Dodson’s death which made the need for the Columbus Hip Hop community to have an outlet to deal with the loss of two key figures greater.

These videos uploaded by James Petty strike a chord with me because it has S.A. Smash performing at the 2007 Daymon Day Afterparty at Skully’s.  This is obviously before Camu Tao passed so there is something poignant about seeing him on stage during a tribute show to Daymon and Przm while sick with Cancer.

Met mentions Nasty Nate who was a dude that hung out at Przm’s Hip Hop night who had also passed in proximity of the event.

You can hear Blueprint announce S.A. Smash because RJ and Print did a surprise Soul Position set that evening. RJ also did a set.

A lot of other stuff went on that night too: QBC, Vomitrocity,  Teenage Werewolf and a PRZM tribute. Pat Carney attended the parade because his brother Mike invited him. Necropolis led a drumline during the parade. Two deceased writers from Toledo and Cleveland (Heist and Phrite) were honored that year which made the event resonate statewide.

But with Met from Smash playing the Daymon Day afterparty at the Summit this year I figured this video was interesting and timely.


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