Video: Beef Patty Skate Video

Columbus ex-pat and Embassy Boardshop rider Max Palmer has a section in this New York skate video.

You also gotta a love a skate video that starts off with Boogie Down Production’s PRT and X-Clan dissing, humanism promoting “Build & Destroy” song from the album “Sex & Violence”.

More info after the jump.

Filmed by Johnny Wilson
Filmed with a VX1000
Filmed between November ’12 to August ’13

Featuring Kevin Winters, Andrew Wilson, Max Palmer, Paul Tucci, Cyrus Bennett, John Choi, Jacob Gottlieb, Nik Stain, Daniel Stone, Lurker Lou, Ben Kadow, Kevin Maillet, John Franco, Jason Byoun, Wilkie, Alex Horn, Kevin Green, Chris Sarte, Zach Gesko, Colin Sussingham, Genesis Evans, Conor Prunty, Jordan Gesko, Jordan Zuppa, Sean Dahlberg, Sergio Rodas, Brad Hendrickson, Pat Galloway Dylan James, Jed Anderson, Johnny Wilson, and Mitchell Wilson


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