Recap: Rare Football Films: The Newsreels @ Wexner Center 8-23-13

Recap: Rare Football Films: The Newsreels @ Wexner Center 8-23-13

The Wexner Center showed segments of Rare Football Footage last week in a presentation called Rare Football Films: The Newsreels . The Films were presented by the Wex’s Director of Film/Video Dave Fillipi. One might think this is weird for an Art Institution to show Football Archives. I mean, sports have often been called “the opiate for the massess” but to ignore sports would be to live in a vacuum. Art is about culture. And you can’t escape football Especially, in Columbus, Ohio. This might be trite commentary but you know.

The clips were pretty interesting . Whether it be because you could look at the various progressions of methods of documentation. Some clips like Princeton and Yale Football Game. 1903 were silent, while other had roaring fans like Army vs. Navy in Grid Battle of the Year! 1946.

Or if you compared Ohio State 31 – Wisconsin 14. 1954 to Cleveland Browns Win Natonal “Pro” Title. 1955 then you realized that Cleveland football has not won anything sigificant in almost 50 years while the Buckeyes were undefeated last year.
So imagine being someone who love football in Cleveland. Life would be terrible.
While we who live in Columbus get to enjoy what football looks like when it is played correctly. Cleveland gets to pay lots of money to be bummed out.

After the presentation  former-Buckeye Linebacker and current host of the Buckeye Show on 97.1 the Fan Bobby Carpenter and former Buckeye Lineman, John Hicks joined David Fillipi for a discussion.

Carpenter played for Coach Tressel from 2002-2005. John Hicks played for Woody Hayes from 1970-73. Although they were both men of different era’s each player spoke with fondest of their legendary coaches. It was pointed out that while they both played for extemely successful coaches—–Tressel and Hayes—– were fired in the end because of misconduct. (Tressel had a scandal where players were trading Football memorabilia to juggalos in exchange for tattoos. Hayes punched Charlie Bautman of the Clemson Tigers after an interception). Although, both coaches` left on less than steller terms –Hicks and Carpenter— dodged any negative conversation and held reverence for their former mentors. I’ve always loved the social skills certain football players have because of the systems they are developed in. Both Hicks and Carpenter had said social skills.

At the end of the day, I was happy the Wex took us down football memory lane.


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