Listen: Myron & E – “Going In Circles”

Myron & E’s “Going In Circles” off their album “Broadway” currently out on Stone’s Throw.


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Video: RJD2 – “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request”

New RJD2 video for “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request” off RJ’s upcoming album “More Is Than Isn’t” which comes out October 8th.

“The idea behind the video came about from me sitting with the song, and the claps in it started invoke these images of a crazy step team routine with a bunch of different dance styles being touched on. So I dug up Reggie Oliver in Philly, and he spearheaded the choreography and pulled in the other dancers. Once I plugged them in with Nick Heller, who shot it, it all fell into place great!” – RJD2

You can stream RJD2’s new album “More Is Than Isn’t” on over at Rolling Stone

This Kon Mix has Louis Farrakhan Talking Over Disco and House Music


I saw a that a DJ name Kon was coming to Double Happiness for Musicality’s Second Anniversary at Double Happiness tonight but it didn’t fully register who he was. I started wondering if it was the same Kon that roles with Amir. (It is)

But upon further research at Local Autonamy and Resident Advisor I found out dude is an old School Boston graffiti writer, and used to have joints on Stretch and Bobbie before becoming one the most respected Disco deejays in the world.

Video: Machine Gun Kelly – “Home Soon”

MGK goes from Columbus, Ohio to Australia in his new video for “Home Soon”.
This is kind of a trip because the Columbus portion of video was obviously filmed Labor Day Weekend when MGK performed at Power 107.5’s Power Fest and then headed out to Port Columbus to head out to Crocodile Dundee land.

download MGK’s “Black Flag” tape for free here.

TBT: Nirvana

After reading the Steve Albini letter to Nirvana about his ideas for the recording of In Utero that has been circulating the internet because we have reached the 20th Anniversary of that album I figured I would jot down some random thoughts about Nirvana’s presence in Columbus in the early 90’s.

TBT: Nirvana
(photo of Kurt Cobain Taken in Columbus, Ohio by Angela Boatwright at a 1991 Staches Show 2 Weeks after “Nevermind” Was Released)

I remember after “Bleach” dropped Nirvana came to Staches, and then a little while later they came to Staches again right after the release of “Nevermind”. I didn’t go to either show but a bunch of people I skated with did. I liked Nirvana but I was young and jealous about missing the shows so I tried to front on when people would talk about the show. I remember saying , “yeah, Nirvana is good. But really that dude sounds like Brian Adams.” And then I would sing “The Summer of 69” when people would talk about how they would never be able to see Nirvana in such a small venue again . I’d be like, “yeah, Brian Adams won’t play there either”.

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