Listen: Gap Dream – “Shine Your Love”


The last time I hung out with Gap Dream’s Gabe Fullivmer he was supposed to be working at the Matinee in Akron but instead of helping people Gabe was pointing out tags while claiming he had sex with every woman in the room by pointing them out individually, loudly. He also talked incessantly about Mike Tyson. I like graffiti but it’s disheartening when a guy informs you that he has slept with every woman in the room especially if his other main conversation piece is Mike Tyson. I do not know if his sexploits are true. And I was curious how. But when you listen to Gap Dream’s “Shine Your Love” then it becomes possible that Gabe goes to women’s houses and sings indie pop to them. Or at least knows what indie pop to talk about while he eats their food. Whatever the case Gap Dream will drop the “Shine Your Love” 7 inch on Fat Possum Records on September 17th. I hope it takes off so I can talk about it with women while I eat their food.


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