TBT- Chad Knight – “Seven Steps To Heaven” – (1996)

Above is Westerville Native Chad Knight’s part from Maple Skateboards 1996 Video “Seven Steps To Heaven”.

I skated with Chad a few times in like 93-94 and he was obviously way way way better at skateboarding than I. Look at all the big shit he was pulling in 96.To be honest I was always suprised that Chad was not a dick. Chad was actually a really nice guy. I feel like Chad’s goal was to get better than Rob Dyrdak. So Chad perhaps just was stoked other people were skating.

It’s kinda funny that Chad has a girl in a thong during his video part because a lot of the females from early 90’s Westerville would hate on Chad because he had no problem entertaining skateboard groupies. Sunports Skatepark bathroom rumors ran amok.

Obviously this video is from 1996 so a lot has happened since then. So I am not trying to make rumors from 93 stick on a whole man’s life but that is a random thought that this part reminds me of.


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