J-Zone’s new album “Peter Pan Syndrome” Coming Soon

J-Zone recently announced that his new album “Peter Pan Syndrome” will drop in September. If you recall the veteran producer/rapper wrote a book awhile back called Root For the Villian which gave a very real take on the humbling experience of being a respected artist during the rise and fall of the turn of millenium underground Hip Hop movement.

You probably remember J-Zone from his solo records and also his work on the E.C. All-Star Compilations. Both of which were funny and well-produced.

From what I gather, “Peter Pan Syndrome” picks up where  Root For The Villian left off . It deals with— in a humourous way — being someone in their 30’s that was socialized within Hip Hop culture and is now at a point where  society’s standards are calling for adult  adjustments which are conflicted with creative and sometimes sophomoric and very Hip Hop urges. In the above video , J-Zone explains his new album so watch that because he more than likely can explain his album better than me typing on a phone.

For artwork, tracklisting and more visit J-Zone’s site www.govilliango.com.


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