Throwback Thursday: First 3CB Flyer


Martin Hugo posted this on Instagram a few weeks ago. It’s the first flyer Marty and Brandon Mccoy made together. The flyer is from Feb of 2003 for a show at the Legion of Doom.
This flyer collab led to the formation of 3cb.

3cb or the Three C Booty Shoppe was a “collective” that blurred the lines between street art and DIY flyer design
started by Martin and Brandon McCoy

that enlisted myself, Michael Carney and Christian Weiland as members. Martin and Brandon took the name from the 3 C Body Shop which was an autobody shop that ran homoerotic pink advertisements on COTA buses.

I’m sure the 3cb “art collective” will come up from time to time so I’m not going to tell the whole story now.

I did not really know Martin when this flyer was made other than he was rumoured to be the culperit behind the XHotBoysX stencils inside famed graffiti spot the Water Treatment Plant. I only knew Brandon as that dude at Johnny Go’s that looked like Steven Tyler but knew more about rap than a guy who looked like Steven Tyler should.

Anyway, the above flyer was a beginning of something eventually helped give birth to what defined DIY flyer design in Columbus as well played a crucial role in roads that lead to many things.

I’m not saying 3cb was the only factor or great thing. But 3cb had unimaginable impact.


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