Listen: Busta Rhymes ft. Bob Marley – “Chris Lighty”


Today Marks the One Year Anniversary of Chris Lighty’s Death. Busta Rhymes pays tribute to him with the use of Bob Marley’s “Natural Mystic” song.


If These Walls Could Talk -Dave Tevenal Art Show


Tattoo artist Dave Tevenal has easily been one of Columbus, Ohio’s greatest success stories. He is an internationally respected tattoo artist that has been covered by many tattoo mags and has also made a name for himself on the tattoo circuit.

On, Saturday, August 31st Dave is having an art show at a Momento Tattoo Studio from 7-11.

TBT: Chaz McGee

Chaz Mcgee is a skater that lived by Dodge Skatepark and later moved to the OSU campus and pretty much owned everything. If you remember the Skateboard Bowl at the Wexner Center than you remember Chaz pretty owning the night. If you remember going anywhere in the late 90’s and seeing skateboarding than you probably remember Chaz doing big things effortlessly. Chaz also kicked it at DJ Przm’s(RIP) Bernies Hip Hop night and was a campus legend outside of skating for his ability to do backflips.

Chaz is one on of the those Columbus stories that where one wonders what could of been. But fuck all that…

Let’s just watch Chaz part from Columbus/L.A. Skateboarding company Playfactory’s video from the turn of the millenium at the top the page.

He is still around. I bumped into him at the Bone Show.

Listen: Gap Dream – “Shine Your Love”


The last time I hung out with Gap Dream’s Gabe Fullivmer he was supposed to be working at the Matinee in Akron but instead of helping people Gabe was pointing out tags while claiming he had sex with every woman in the room by pointing them out individually, loudly. He also talked incessantly about Mike Tyson. I like graffiti but it’s disheartening when a guy informs you that he has slept with every woman in the room especially if his other main conversation piece is Mike Tyson. I do not know if his sexploits are true. And I was curious how. But when you listen to Gap Dream’s “Shine Your Love” then it becomes possible that Gabe goes to women’s houses and sings indie pop to them. Or at least knows what indie pop to talk about while he eats their food. Whatever the case Gap Dream will drop the “Shine Your Love” 7 inch on Fat Possum Records on September 17th. I hope it takes off so I can talk about it with women while I eat their food.


Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator toured Ireland with Eminem. Obviously, Em is a huge influence on OF so there are various reasons why this is huge for Odd Future. OF is also probably fun for Eminem because it connects him with his base Hip Hop enjoyment.

Side note: I don’t know if you copped Earl’s “Doris” album but it’s an extremely creative and well-done Hip Hop album.