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5/25/13 is the 5-Year Anniversary of Camu Tao’s Death

R.I.P. Camu Tao

(pic taken from stammy Ascend’s Facebook)

Today marks the 5 year-Anniversary of Columbus-bred rapper/producer Camu Tao’s death from Cancer. Here is an article I wrote about Camu in the Other Paper a few years ago.

Below is a collection of memories friends of Camu have been posting on Facebook.

Jason Thomas: (friend of Camu Tao)

So Camu was like, “We got a show at Irving Plaza, you gotta come out!” I expressed to him that I wanted to, but I did have the money. Of course, he didn’t take no for an answer and told me that if I just get out there, he would pay for my bus ticket home. So I decided to go. The show was ill!! Met and Mu killed it and I had a great weekend. Now, it’s time to go home and guess who was no where to be found? This guy Camu went missing in action for two weeks!!! Luckily my dudes Drew Wolf and Sergio Spitaleri held me down for the duration. All I did was walk around for two weeks straight up and down every corner of New York City. I saw and experienced so much that would have never happened if I hadn’t got stuck. I went to a taping of The Tony Danza show! HAHA! When Camu finally surfaced, I couldn’t even be mad at him. He’d hit you with that grin and it was all over. Dude was just so damn lovable, that even when you were pissed at him, you could stay mad for even a second! I love him, I miss him, I wish we could sit on my couch and watch old video’s all weekend like we used to, but I’m know he’ll be sitting right there with me! RIP my brother!!!


Keef “Metro” Lawson (friend and the other half of S.A. Smash with Camu)

My other big brother
He used to say to me. I remember how he used to have my back completely and felt some type of way if I felt type of way. We used to make regular trips to columbus and back to NY on the dirty greyhound,soon as we saw those buildings or that familiar feel of home he’d look at me and say “Mortimer,we’re back!” -there will never be another miss you Mu we all do

Rob Byard (friend of Camu)

Camu came back from NY mad bummed at first. I saw him at oldfields one night and hit em off with a ganj treat. One led to two. Two led to three. Before I knew it we where eatin em for three days on Beans’ couch laughin and straight clownin. Dudes laugh could never be duplicated. One of a kind fam. Miss you and grateful to call you friend/ brother/ god father to my child. Always in my heart fam

Bru Lei posted this video of Camu Tao rapping at Bernies

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