Video: Tez McClain – “Art Vs. Hustle”

Atlanta Mc and Killer Mike affiliate Tez McClain discusses the relationship between being an artist and a hustler that is inevitable as well as it is both complimentary and contradictory.

Tez McClain ends his verse on “Art Vs. Hustle saying: “Art versus hustle, it may be a split decision.” Tez sees the the flaws in rewarding “hustling” and the rappers who exploit to stay on top. Tez raps, “You can’t write your shit / Let alone wife a chick / But you can fuckk his bitch / That’s a hit that’ll likely stick.”
Tez also discussess hustling on a non-rap level saying, “You too old to be broke as hell / College graduate and why the fuck you got dope for sale?”

Not to be to corny but you might not be able to knock the hustle but perhaps you can critique it and not let it lose your humanity?

Art vs. Hustle is off Tez McClain’s Scoundrel.


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